Arboreal Retreat

Compatible with KeyShot 10 and later

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This large open plan interior provides the perfect one-stop shop for scandi-style interior renders. With a built in kitchen, decorated dining table, cornered lounge, and mezzanine style bedroom, you'll never run out of ways to utilise this scene.

Please note: The Arboreal House can demand a lot of video memory in GPU Mode. We have included the option to remove the trees if they're not needed for the shot, which does reduce VRAM usage. We advise 8GB VRAM (ideally 10 or more) to run this in GPU mode.

KeyShot package file (.KSP) containing the full scene and all resources.

Lightroom Presets

Items can be downloaded immediately after checkout or later via the Asset Download email.

VRAM (GPU Mode): 8.9GB
RAM (CPU Mode): 5.8GB

Included in scene:

Cameras: 8
Lighting Modes (Studios): 1

We advise using RTX graphics cards (ideally RTX 4060 and above) with Keyshot in GPU mode as a minimum to run our Interior files. 4070 and above recommended for smoother performance and reasonable render times. Our Studio scenes are much lighter to run.

This is a KeyShot 10 package. You will need KeyShot version 10 and above to open the file.

Our resources are mastered in GPU mode. You may see different results in lighting and materials when rendering in CPU mode. Although, the disparity between them has decreased since the launch of GPU mode in KS9.

Promotional images have been post-processed in Adobe Lightroom Classic using the included presets.

All assets can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

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If you have more than 10 KeyShot users or require education pricing, please contact for a quote.

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Arboreal Retreat

Asset in action

The assets we make are just a beginning. There are endless possibilities for how you could deploy them in your workflow.

Here’s a demo render made using this resource.

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Image 2
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Lightroom Presets

Edit your renders just how we do with our included Adobe Lightroom Presets